12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children


Pet dogs have become an important part of many American homes, and it’s not surprising why. Dogs are cute, loyal and adorable. They can protect our property and us. More than being a cuddly companion, dogs are also proven to have benefits, helping parents raise their children well.

Some parents recognize the good things about growing up with a family pet dog especially if they experienced having had close relationships with them when they were still young. They encourage their kids to respect animals and be caring to them.

There is a wealth of research asserting that owning a pet has significant therapeutic and educational benefits for children. For instance, kids who interact with dogs have better self-esteem and social skills and show greater empathy. These kids may talk to animals in ways they wouldn’t with people. They show confidence in doing tasks with their pet simply because the animal wouldn’t care if they make mistakes or look silly.

Evidence have also shown that kids benefit socially and emotionally in the presence and interaction with pet companions such as dogs. Our infographic enumerates the benefits of pet ownership in raising children. It shows that the magic of pets goes a long way, so it’s high time to stop thinking about allergies or additional expenses that keep you from owning a pet. If it’s your first time to have one, you can find useful resources online to teach you the proper way of caring for a pet dog.

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12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children


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