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Custom Challenge Coins

First it is well known that a challenge coin is a medallion or a coin which is small in size and bears the emblem or insignia a particular company or organization. This type of coin is meant to be carried by the a member of the organization in order to symbolize a certain status of that particular member in the organization. Basically, the challenge coin is given to an individual inside the organization or company as a recognition of the work they did better than the others. But, everything about challenge coins started in the military.

The military had their own standard issue of challenge coins, however, since the appeal to have a challenge coin has broadened, the civilian companies and groups have also gone ahead and used them for their own benefits. When we add the word custom to the term challenge coin, we mean that the challenge coins are made and designed to meet the requirements of a particular individual or organization.

Custom challenge coins are considered to be quite special and acts as a way to encourage the team spirit in way that is seen as somehow unique. The artists that are able to design a custom challenge coin in a way that it fits the particular company or organization perfectly are not that many. To the custom challenge coin that you might have in hand, it can also be upgraded to a much better version that it is at the moment.

Not every company or organization can handle to have a custom challenge coin. It is because the equipment used to make the challenge coins are considered to be state of the art. That means it might be a little bit expensive than you would anticipate. The design of the challenge coin will also determine how expensive it will be, if the design is complex then the price will become steep because more work will be done to achieve it.

Since a coin is usually circular in shape, for a challenge coin that should not confine you in one shape only. Different shapes and sizes are available to choose from when designing the perfect custom challenge coin that represents the organization or the company. There are also a variety of different colors that can be used to manufacture a unique custom challenge coin.

Some of the examples of companies or organizations that use custom challenge coins apart from the military are like schools, fire departments, businesses, police departments and also other government agencies. These companies that make the custom challenge coins for other companies or groups are considered to be small in number.

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